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Jet Skis: ‘I’m in the Jetsons’ – Jet Ski’s “I’m In The Jetsons” theme song

Jet Skiers enjoy the new Jetsons theme, with this one featuring the theme song from the original series.The original theme is a mix of the original Jetsons and Jet Skys theme song.It’s also a good time to go back and watch the original Jet Skins “I Want A Jet”.It’s one of the best songs of […]

Nintendo Switch: Here’s how to find and download new themes

A new theme song and some new sounds from Nintendo’s latest console are all set to arrive in the coming months, but it’s not all plain sailing.You can download new sounds for the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and 3DS systems from the Official Nintendo Store, but the songs aren’t available on the console’s download page.However, […]

What’s New in the SpongeBob Theme Park?

The theme park at Disney World Resort in Florida has been remodeled for its 50th birthday.Guests will see some changes to the Spongebob Theme Park at the Walt Disney World Theme Park in Orlando, Florida.The Spongebobs have returned as guests can now enter through the park’s new main entrance at the SpongeBubble ride.The main entrance […]

Why we should never have stopped talking about football and football players

We’re about to enter a new phase in the national anthem protests.We’ve been talking about it for years now, but the protests in the U.S. against police brutality have become even more prevalent.The anthem protests have been a focal point in a national debate over the nature of patriotism.The protests began in 2017 after the […]

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