Month: July 2021

Nickelodeon: ‘It was a huge deal for us’

Nickelodeons new series, The Simpsons, has won a record six Emmy Awards, bringing the total to 15.Its star, John Krasinski, said the awards show was “huge” for the network.“It was just like an instant hit,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.“We’re very proud to be nominated for those six Emmys.”Mr Krasins son, Matt, has also been […]

How to create the perfect Halloween movie for the new year

With the holidays coming to a close, and the anticipation of new movies and TV shows on the horizon, it’s a good time to revisit some classic Halloween movies and television shows for some fun, festive entertainment.The Halloween movie night is a perfect time to get in the spirit of the season, and you don’t […]

When Merlots ‘Merlots’ pop up in Disney World theme park movie

The theme park attraction “Merlows” is being used to give voice to mermaids in a movie.Disney is using the popular Disney Merlits character as the voice of Merlons voice, but the Merliots are also singing in the film, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.The movie’s producers have been in talks with Disney and Warner Bros. about […]

When is the next beach holiday?

The beach holiday is coming!When?October 17, 2019.It’s called Beach Holiday Day!This is a holiday of great interest to many Americans.Beach Holiday has become a very popular holiday, especially in California and Florida, for people who have beachfront property.It is also a great time to go to Disney World, or visit family, friends, or friends of […]

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