‘I feel like I’m watching an old episode of Doctor Who’

‘I am watching an episode of The Hobbit in a TV room and I feel like watching an Old Testament,’ says one woman who used to be a medical researcher.

‘I think of the Biblical passages and I think of those moments in my life when I feel the power of God,’ says Sara Zander.

‘And I feel a kind of magical, mystical, uplifting feeling.’

Sara Zanders says she feels like an ancient Egyptian woman in the kitchen as she watches a TV episode of the hit BBC sci-fi series ‘Doctor Who’.

‘I get a little bit nostalgic and I start to think, “Oh, this is where I was when I was a kid, when I first saw Doctor Who?”‘

I don’t think I’ve ever felt that before.

I feel an ancient sense of belonging.

I think I belong to something.’

The woman who was once a medical scientist now says she has been living her life with a sense of ‘mystical and uplifting’.

‘Doctor Whos’ 10-episode series first aired in 2011, and since then has been adapted for the screen and broadcast on multiple platforms.

In the first season, ‘Doctor Watson’ is a former member of the military who is now an archaeologist.

‘The Doctor has always had a strong sense of duty and loyalty,’ says Zander, who now works as a health psychologist and author of ‘The Healing Doctor: How a New Doctor Is Changing the Way We Heal and Live.’

‘He is someone who cares deeply about people and his mission is to protect people from the threats they face and his legacy is about protecting people and being compassionate.

‘But he has also been a bit of a bit rich boy.’

‘I remember my first day on the show and I had just come out of an interrogation room and the Doctor was looking over my shoulder, and I felt very much like an old friend.

‘There was this huge weight in my shoulders, and the whole time I was listening to this wonderful story about how the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Greeks and the Greeks and Romans and the Romans and Arabs and Arabs used magic and the magic of healing, and this is what the ancient Romans used to do, and you know, I was so taken aback that I just felt this sense of responsibility and I just needed to be there for the healing.

‘Doctor, I know that you’ve got a lot of magic, but there’s a whole lot of responsibility.’

The new episode ‘Doctor Strange’ is the latest incarnation of the Doctor, played by Tilda Swinton, and follows a time travelling version of the old Doctor who goes to the future to try and stop a cosmic war between the realms of good and evil.

‘It’s very much about the importance of caring for others,’ says Swinton.

‘You have to really think about what you want to do with your life, and it’s about finding the answers to those questions and then taking that journey with your own, so to speak.

‘We’re going to explore this idea of a parallel universe and how it relates to our own, and so the series is going to be very much in the present day.’

‘Doctor who’ is on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday, July 24.

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