‘What a shame’: The toilets you’d use in a bathroom

I had a chat with a friend in the toilets department of a London-based company. 

The toilets were all painted bright pink and had giant LED lights in them. 

I didn’t think I would like them. 

  I mean, the pink and red, and the flashing lights. 

It looked like the bathrooms in The Office were in some way trying to make a point about toilets. 

That’s because they are. 

As a matter of fact, they are so bad at making a point that they are, at the very least, a waste of time. 

So I set out to learn more about what I thought was going on with toilets and I came up with an idea. 

You know what I did next was I got out my camera and started taking pictures. 

  The result was the first in a series of images. 

  But the photos are not only about bathrooms. 

  They are about toilets as well. 

And I’m sure the rest of the world has a very similar experience. 

(Image credit: The Guardian)What a waste The most common toilet you use is probably the one you’re most likely to encounter in the morning. 

This is because it’s the toilet that most of us use in the first place. 

Not only is it a common toilet, it’s also the one that’s probably the first thing you’ll have to use in your home. 

If you use one, you probably use it the most. 

A new study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison has found that if you use a bathroom for at least 10 minutes every day, you’re more likely to be using a toilet that is less hygienic than a non-hygienically-conditioned toilet. 

What this means is that the toilet is less likely to have bugs, bacteria, viruses, and mould, as well as less likely be dirty. 

We can see this from the pictures in this post. 

However, there’s more to toilets than just their appearance. 

There are many factors at play. 

Firstly, we’re living in a time when many people are using toilets in their own homes. 

People are starting to realise that toilets are a big part of our homes, and they’re beginning to think about the environmental benefits. 

According to the BBC, the average toilet is a “safer and more efficient” than a home toilet.

(Image Credit: The BBC)What’s worse is that it seems to be happening across the globe. 

In the UK, one in three toilets is non-functioning, according to a study conducted by the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change.

 And while this isn’t surprising considering that people are still in the habit of using their toilets in a way that’s not as sanitary as a non home toilet, the data on how often people flush and wash their toilets is quite shocking. 

An estimated 50 million toilets in the UK are in poor or failing condition.

And although most of the UK is well-off and has toilets that are clean, this doesn’t mean that people don’t care about their toilet.

The UK has been using toilets for over 100 years, and according to one survey of people in the country, around half of them actually think they are good for the environment.

So the fact that we are using them for so long may be an indicator that they’re actually good for our environment. 

For example, according the British Waterways Agency, water quality in Britain is good. 

But we’re using toilets so much in our homes that the amount of water used to flush them has more than doubled in the past decade.

The good news is that we have options. 

Here are three of the toilet ideas that you can buy in the toilet department of your local supermarket. 


The Blackwater toiletYou know, the one with the white toilet paper. 

They come in a range of sizes, from 2 to 12 inches in diameter, and are the toilet paper you use to clean your teeth. 

Unfortunately, they’re very expensive, costing you between £30 and £50 ($50 to $70). 

(Source: Blackwater website) 2.

The Big Pee Pee toiletThe Big Pees have been around for decades, and have since become a popular household item. 

Many people still use them in the mornings, because they make them smell good.

They’re also very eco-friendly, with only 5% of the water used in a Big PEE toilet going to waste.

But there’s a lot more to them than that. 

Breadboard toilets also come in the Big Peeks, but they’re less expensive. 

Toilet paper is used to fill the hole in the middle of the top and is recycled in a similar way. 


The PeePee toiletIt’s been around since the 1920s, and has become a staple in

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