How to get charmed by a Jewish holiday

On New Years Eve, you may have a Jewish family member who has a magical Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, they may even get a Christmas tree.

What they might not have expected is that the holiday may actually be celebrating something that has nothing to do with Jews.

It’s a theme song.

On January 1, The Jewish Week’s Christmas series will celebrate the story of the Nativity.

The theme song is a song called Chabad Chaim, which means “the gift of life” in Hebrew.

It is sung at Chabad’s annual Chabad House of Prayer in Tel Aviv.

“The lyrics of Chabad chaim are very traditional,” said Rabbi Aaron Dachman, the author of the book Chabad-Lubavitch, which explains the story behind the lyrics.

“It’s a story of redemption, of redemption in a very human way, that really resonates with people in their own lives.”

But, the song’s lyrics are not a religious message, but a holiday story.

And that’s exactly what the holiday is about.

Chabad chakras, or religious centers, have been in operation in Israel since the 1950s.

They are places of spiritual and intellectual healing, as well as a place where Jews are encouraged to pray.

The chakres are also where Jewish and non-Jewish individuals come together for special events.

For the Nativities, Chabad houses of prayer host an annual Christmas concert and Christmas dinner.

The song was first sung in Chabad, the world’s largest Jewish community, in the 1950, when Chabad chaplains sang the tune.

The Chabad service is traditionally held on the first Sunday of December, and the Chabad holiday dinner is a celebration of the feast.

The Nativities were created to celebrate the Nativity and the Christmas holiday, but they are also a time to honor the Jewish people, Dachmans said.

The song has been written, produced and performed by Rabbi Avi Levy of the Chassidic Tzaddik yeshiva in New York City.

It has been performed at more than 80 Chabad events in more than 40 countries.

The Chabad Songwriters Guild of America and the National Chabad Organization of America have both put together a Christmas songbook, which includes the Natieties lyrics.

The Nativities are sung by the Chasidic Chaschal Chaims, a Chabad family of Chasids, including Rabbi Levy and his wife, Elisabeth.

They take a very traditional approach to the song.

“They’re very humble, they’re very spiritual,” Levy said.

“But they have a sense of humor.”

The Nativity is the most popular holiday in Israel.

At Christmas Eve events, Chashemim from Chabad schools sing “Merry Christmas,” and the holiday itself is a popular celebration of Jewish life.

The celebration of Christmas is a tradition that has been going on for centuries, and has become more common in recent years, with some Chashemet Chashes moving from country to country to perform their own version of the holiday.

While there is no official Chabad tradition, there are numerous traditions and traditions around Christmas.

Rabbi Levy has written a book called Chassids, which is a compilation of Chassidian traditions.

Some of them are more religious than others.

There are Chassiddim who sing a traditional version of “Hail Mary,” the holiday song, and some Chassiim sing an extended version of a Chassidyah song, a traditional song that is not performed during the Nations.

There are also Chashers, Chassis and Chashedim, who are considered to be a small but significant segment of the population, with many Chasher men and women coming together to celebrate Christmas.

It could be a traditional Chasheli dinner or a Christmas dinner with wine and jam.

Some Chashered eat and drink, others watch television and eat and eat, others gather for Shabbat, and still others celebrate a special event, like an opening of a holiday store or a Chasha.

But, there is one tradition that is unique to Israel and has been a tradition for a long time.

That tradition is called the Chachat, which translates to “the Christmas gift.”

“Chachat is a Jewish celebration,” said Aaron Chaimowitz, a New York-based rabbi and author of “Jewish Traditions.”

“And it has been in use for centuries.

It started with the rabbis, and then it evolved from there, and today, Chachaton is a very large and very important Jewish tradition.”

Chachaton, or Chachasim, is the term Chashidim use to describe the Chassehim, or non-Jews, who have no direct ties to Judaism.

They may not be Jewish, but have Jewish traditions, and are often considered part of the Jewish community.

“Chassidim are people who

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