Why Christmas nails are a favourite on Instagram: all of them

More than one in five Australians have shared their Christmas nails on Instagram, with a whopping 17.9 million posts from all corners of the country, according to research conducted by the digital marketing agency Bancroft.

Christmas nail art, which is a term used to describe all of the nails that are used for Christmas, is a trend that is gaining popularity with Australians as the festive season continues, and people enjoy sharing their nails, said Bancrot founder Paul O’Brien.

“This is a very popular trend amongst a lot of people, and it’s really exciting to see it becoming so popular with Australians,” he said.

Mr O’Briens research found the majority of Australians have used Christmas nails, with the vast majority of them being white or gold, with one in three Australians using the nail polish from a black or brown colour.

The trend of Christmas nails has also caught the eye of some celebrities, with Ellen DeGeneres and Cher performing at Christmas in the US last year.

However, it is not all about the white nail, as the majority also use black or dark red nails.

Some of the most popular Christmas nail colours include: Black White Red Magenta Orange Green Blue Purple Black is the new gold.

Bancrofts research also found the popularity of Christmas nail art has grown since 2014, when it was first reported that white and gold nail art was the most common nail colour.

“As the popularity has grown, so has the popularity for the colour white,” Mr O’Connor said.

“So it’s interesting that the trend has actually increased by about 15 per cent in the last five years.”

“The more common colour for Christmas nails is now black, and the trend is now for people to choose it.”

Benny Hill has been the focus of many people’s Christmas nail obsession over the last few years, as he has become an icon for his signature style, with his signature nails.

The ‘Lion King’ singer is a popular Instagram celebrity who has been known to post his Christmas nails.

“People have started liking his nails because of the Lion King, and I think they also like the fact that he is a white guy,” Mr D’Agostino said.

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