Nickelodeon: ‘It was a huge deal for us’

Nickelodeons new series, The Simpsons, has won a record six Emmy Awards, bringing the total to 15.

Its star, John Krasinski, said the awards show was “huge” for the network.

“It was just like an instant hit,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

“We’re very proud to be nominated for those six Emmys.”

Mr Krasins son, Matt, has also been nominated for an Emmy for his performance in the animated series, and the show is being filmed in Los Angeles for its premiere on February 10.

“I’m thrilled,” he said.

“You’ve got to give credit where credit is due.

There’s a reason why it’s a big deal.

It’s a testament to the talent that the network has, and it’s amazing that they’ve put together a really great show for the people to watch.”

The Simpsons is currently on Netflix.

“For a lot of us, it’s like family,” said Krasis father, John.

“And so it was a big, big deal for everyone to be part of it.”

The awards show has received mixed reviews from critics, who have pointed out the series was “too simplistic”, “boring” and “over-the-top”.

Critics also have criticised the series for being “too much about the Simpsons and less about the family”.

However, the show was nominated for the Emmys for the third time, and received nominations for outstanding comedy series and for best animated show.

Watch the trailer for the show below: Watch the teaser for the series below: ‘We have to do better’ Emmys: Nickelodean: ‘This was a massive deal for me’ Nickelodeonts new series is set to air on Netflix on February 14, and will also be available in cinemas worldwide.

“Our goal with this show was to give the people something that they love and they love to watch, and we achieved that,” Mr Kvasinski said.

Mr Kuzinski also praised the creative team behind the show, which includes writer and producer Josh Weinstein and showrunner and writer, Craig McCracken.

“They have a phenomenal creative team, and I’m very proud of them for what they’ve accomplished,” he added.

The series will be available on the Nickelodeonic App and in the Apple App Store.

Nickelodeen is one of the longest-running and longest-receiving shows on Nickelodeos schedule, and has a history of award-winning programming.

The Simpsons aired on Fox for more than 20 years and has aired on the Cartoon Network since 2013.

The network has recently launched new shows including Big Mouth, Krusty’s Neighborhood and Marge’s Magical World, as well as reruns of Family Guy and Family Guy: The Animated Series.

Watch a trailer for The Simpsons below: WATCH A TRAILER FOR THE SHOW BELOW

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